Artwork Requirements

Screen Printing Artwork Guidelines

The quality of your prints will be affected by the art you submit. The best art for screen printing is created in a vector editing program like Adobe Illustrator, or Corel Draw. Vector graphics are great because they can be scaled up as big as a billboard, or scaled down to the size of a business card without losing resolution. See image below for an example of a vector graphic.

Images Downloaded From The Internet

These days if a person submits a photo to a printer it is most likely taken from the internet. this is wrong and although we can still print it the end result may be less than desirable.Images uploaded to the web are compressed down in size to allow for faster download. This is great for viewing images on little screen but to print them 10 inches wide on a shirt the photo needs to be high resolution with enough pixel information for us convert the pixels into little round dots that can be printed through a screen. The example below shows an image blown up to a final print size of 10 inches wide. notice the photo on the right has large squares. That image was downloaded from Google images.

How To Set Up Your Art In Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator
-Setup your document Width & Height / Color Mode: RGB / Raster effects: Medium
-Create Graphic in Adobe illustrator.
-Scale the graphic on the art board to the final print size.
-Convert all text to outlines-Save file in .eps .ai .pdf-email file to

Adobe Photoshop
-Start with images that have a resolution of at least 300 pixles/inch or greater ( You can’t scale an image that is 72 dpi up to 300 dpi)
-Create a new file setting the height/width to the final Screen Print size.
-Set resolution to 300 pixles per inch.
-Set color mode to RGBCreate your art
-Save file as .psd .tiff .pdf-email file to

Vector Based Artwork

Adobe Illustrator (*.AI *.PDF *.EPS)
-Adobe Photoshop (*.PSD *.PDD *.EPS *.TIF)
-All Photoshop files must be of high quality and a minimum of 300 DPI
-*.JPG *.BMP are NOT acceptable file formats. French Press Custom, along with the customer, wants the highest quality product and unfortunately these types of files do not fit the minimum requirements.
-If your artwork is hand drawn or scanned make sure it is of high quality (300 dpi or higher) and scaled to the desired print size.
**Note : Usually this type of artwork needs some cleaning up to be acceptable for printing. If this is the case we will work on preparing your illustration to the best of your preference.

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