General Terms &

* Please read the information carefully.


A quotation not approved by the customer within thirty (30) days is subject to review or cancellation.

Order cancellation

A quotation not approved by the customer within thirty (30) days is subject to review or cancellation.

Preparatory work

Mock ups, films, separations, proofs, screens, samples and all other preparatory work created, or furnished by French Press Custom shall remain our exclusive property and no use shall be made, nor any ideas obtained therefrom be used, except upon compensation as determined by French Press Custom.

Condition of customer Supplied artwork

Estimates and quotations for printing are based on the customer supplying the proper “print ready” artwork that conforms to French Press Custom’s specifications. Any changes in size, type, color or kind will result in additional artwork preparatory time and will be billed at the current rate.

Preparatory material

Artwork, screens, films, color separations, computer graphic files, hard drawn art, sketches and other items when supplied by French Pres Custom shall remain our exclusive property unless otherwise agreed in writing. Preparatory materials may be released to the customer should French Press Custom agree, in writing, to release materials for compensation as determined by French Press Custom.


Alterations represent work performed in addition to the original specifications. Such additional work shall be charged at current rates and supported with documentation upon request.


Samples shall be submitted with original art and copy.  Corrections and/or approvals are to be noted on the provided approval sheet and signed by the customer. If revisions are desired, requests must be made when approval sheet is returned. French Press Custom regrets any errors that may occur through production undetected, but cannot be held responsible for errors if the work is printed with customer’s approval, or if changes are not communicated in writing. French Press Custom shall not be responsible for errors if the customer has not ordered, or has refused to accept samples, or has failed to return approval sheet with indication of changes, or has instructed French Press Custom to proceed without submission of samples.

press checks

Unless specifically provided in printer’s quotation, press checks will be charged at the rate of $150.00 per hour. An approval sheet can be submitted for customer approval, at no charge, provided the customer is available at the press at the strike off. Any changes, corrections or lost press time due to customer’s change of mind or delay will be billed at the current rate.


Because of differences in equipment, garments, inks, toners, paper, and other conditions between the mock up and the production operations, a reasonable variation in color between the digital mock up and the completed product shall constitute acceptable delivery.

overrun & shortages

Overruns and shortages not to exceed 5% on quantities ordered shall constitute acceptable delivery. French Press Custom will bill for actual quantity delivered within this tolerance. If customer requires guaranteed ”no less than” delivery, percentage tolerance of overage must be doubled. French Press Custom reserves the right to dispose of,reuse, recycle or sell all overruns refused by the customer in any manner we see fit.

customer's property

French Press Custom will maintain fire, vandalism, malicious mischief and sprinkler leakage insurance on all property belonging to the customer, while such property is in the printer’s possession; French Press Custom’s liability for such property shall not exceed the amount recoverable from such insurance.


Unless otherwise specified, the price quoted is for a single shipment, without storage, FOB local customer’s place of business or FOB French Press Custom’s platform for out-of-town customers.  Proposals are based on continuous and uninterrupted delivery of complete order, unless specifications distinctly state otherwise. Charges related to delivery from customer to French Press Custom, or from supplier to French Press Custom, are not included in any quotation unless specified. Special priority pickup or delivery service will be provided at current rates upon customer’s request. Materials delivered from customer, or his suppliers are verified with delivery ticket as to cartons, packages or items shown only. The accuracy of quantities indicated on such tickets cannot be verified and French Press Custom cannot accept liability for shortages based on suppliers tickets. Title for finished work shall pass to the customer upon delivery to carrier at shipping point or upon emailing of invoices for finished work, whichever occurs first.

production time & due dates

French Press Custom’s standard production time in 7-10 business days starting from the date that all customer goods, deposits and artwork are received and all account paperwork, quotes, applications and mock ups are approved and signed off. French Press Custom reserves the right to deliver a customer’s order anytime within 10 business days of receipt of all goods and documentation. French Press Custom only agrees to anexact due date when prior agreed upon with the customer before the order has been processed.

production schedule

Production schedules will be established and adhered to by both the customer and French Press Custom, provided that neither shall incur any liability or penalty or delays due to war, riot, civil unrest, fire, strikes, actions of government or acts of god or other causes beyond the control of the customer or French Press Custom.

customer supplied goods

Garments, stock, screens, films, seps, packing materials and any other customer supplied goods may be used if they conform to French Press Custom specifications. French Press Custom reserves the right to deny use of customer supplied materials that do not meet our quality and use standards.


An advanced deposit of 50% of the total order price is required on all custom orders unless otherwise agreed upon. French Press Custom will not commence work until deposit is paid. Unless otherwise arranged customer will pay the remaining 50% before the order can be shipped, delivered or released to customer.

general Warranty

Printer shall disclaim any and all express or implied warranties of merchantability or warranty fitness for a particular purpose. Although the printer uses quality materials, due to the wide variety in laundering conditions and detergents, French Press Custom does not guarantee against fading, print damage or shrinking of garment during laundering.

dye lot

Due to practices of batch processing knitted goods when they are dyed, French Press Custom cannot guarantee consistency of color on garments from dye lot to dye lot or from one order to the next.


French Press Custom reserves the right to substitute materials of equal or better quality within notification, unless advanced notification is previously agreed upon in writing.


Customer shall have the right to purchase rejected material at a reduced cost to be determined by French Press Custom. If customer declines to purchase rejects, French Press Custom has the right to sell them as seconds or irregulars in any manner we see fit. If customer provided the goods to print on he shall be entitled to all rejects. Reject rate shall not exceed 3% on customer supplied good for standard printing practices and placements. Printing of specialty inks, foils, and special placements (such as over a zipper) shall have a reject rate no higher than 25% unless a different amount is agreed upon in writing prior to production.


Unless otherwise agreed upon prior to production, all items will be “bulk folded” in dozens. Individual folding, ticketing, bagging, etc are all available and shall be charged at the current rates.


The customer shall indemnify and hold harmless French Press Custom from any and all loss, costs, expense and damages on account of any and all manner of claims, demands, actions and proceedings that may be instituted against French Press Custom on grounds alleging that the said printing violates any copyright or any property right of any person, or that it contains any matter that is libelous or scandalous, or invades any person’s right to privacy or other personal rights except to the extent that French Press Custom has contributed to the matter. The customer agrees to, at the customer’s own expense, promptly defend and continue the defense of any such claim, demand, action or proceeding that may be brought against French Press Custom, provided that French Press Custom shall promptly notify the customer with respect thereto, and provided further that French Press Custom shall give to the customer such reasonable time as the urgency of the situation may permit in which to undertake and continue the defense thereof.

*  By engaging in any business transaction with French Press Custom you are agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions.

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